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This year, I’ve traveled a lot (especially feeling a lot to go back to Japan 5 times for business trip!). Tulum trip was one of my most exciting activities in 2018, and being so looking forward to it. We went to Tulum last year combined with Cancun all inclusive resort experience, but we really wanted to set our heart in Tulum this year to experience more.


Tulum is such a beautiful beach & jungle resort which I’ve never seen the place like this. It was caught in my eyes on instagram (of course) and first experience definitely made me wanted to come back here as a lot of people ended up doing.


Here’s my itinerary this year. I’ll publish detail posts later!


Day1: Arrive at Cancun, Drive to Tulum, Dinner at “LA POPULAR” in Nomade

Day2: Yoga at Nomade, Relax at the beach, Dinner at Gitano

Day3: Spa, Dinner at Kin-Toh

Day4: Workshop at Nomade, Lunch at Raw Love, Dinner at “LA POPULAR” in Nomade

Day5: Last day at the beach, Lunch at Matcha Mama


So we ended up staying Nomade (which is one of the resort along the beach – glamping type) but there were tons of things offered there. Also I got a little bit sick on Day4, so the rest of plans got very low-key.

I think 5 days were not enough for some people, but it was actually fine for me because I still want to come back again!


Come back to my blog for more detail posts (hopefully I can post them pretty soon…!).


Xo, Hibaru


今年は本当に旅にですぎている私 (特に日本に出張で5回も帰るとかね)。その中でもメキシコのトゥルムへの旅行は、今年一番楽しみにしていたことのひとつ。これを糧に働いてきたようなもの!トゥルムには 去年 カンクンでのオールインクルーシブ旅行と合わせて訪れていたんだけど、今年は絶対にトゥルムだけに滞在して、ディープなトゥルム体験をしたいって思ってたの。






Day1: カンクン到着、トゥルムまでドライブ、 Nomadeにある”LA POPULAR”にてディナー

Day2: Nomadeでヨガ、ビーチでリラックス、 Gitanoにてディナー

Day3: スパ, Kin-Toh にてディナー

Day4: Nomadeでワークショップに参加, Raw Loveにてランチ, またモや “LA POPULAR”でディナー

Day5: ビーチで過ごす最後の日, Matcha Mamaに立ち寄りランチ








Xo, Hibaru


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