Recent my favoprites from Trader Joe’s 2019 Spring

Recently, I’ve been re-obsessed with shopping at Trader Joe’s. It’s not new thing at all when Trader Joe’s was my closest grocery store in San Francisco a few years ago. Since I moved down to LA, Trader Joe’s was never my closest grocery store (even though we basically need to drive anywhere but still choose closest one in my area).

Then, I heard they’ve opened by marina which is very close to where I live, this was a breaking news!! Of course I visited there (and keep visiting there frequently since then), and re-discovered so much fun to explore their new products.

On this blog post, I want to share some of my recent favorites! There are still many products I want to try, so this type of post potentially could be a series on my blog!

Sliced French Brioche
No judgement but it’s been so hard to find really tasty loaf of bread in US for me. Our loaf of bread (even from 7-eleven) in Japan is always fluffy, nice texture, and have tons of amazing wheat flavor. This Sliced French Brioche is awesome, sliced like a toast and still have buttery, yeasty flavor (and super fluffy)!

I love making french toast with it as store folks recommended to me (btw, I love how ppl in TJ are super friendly and always giving recipe ideas at stores). If you don’t have time, just toast it and put almond butter & honey then it makes your easy breakfast toast definitely elevated!

Frozen Acai Paste
Did you know TJ has Acai Paste!? I usually get them at Wholefoods with Sambazon brand but TJ has very similar one at $4.99! It contains 4 packs so Wholefoods one might have 8 packs then little expensive? Anyway, I like the fact it’s so cheap and easy access, 4 packs are great amount to consume them as always fresher (even it’s frozen) since I normally make Acai bowls or Smoothies for only one of the day in weekend.

For toppings, I love adding Cacao nibs always!

Umami Seasoning & Everything but the Bagle seasoning
I love all of TJ’s seasoning! These 2 are my recent favorites. Umami seasoning is mashroom base blend seasoning. I use it for almost everything when I cook! Adding it on Avocado toast was my recent discover to give an extra Umami flavor on it. Everything but the Bagle seasoning is always for baked sweet potatoes as Amy Song’s famous recipe.

Umami seasoning + Pink Salt + Rainbow Peppercorn on Avocado Toast!
Making this with a large batch on Sunday!

Share your favorites please, and will post my new discovery at TJ again!

Xo, Hibaru

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