Lovely Matcha Place For Matcha Lover On Abbot Kinney

Finally, I visited Cha Cha Matcha on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach, yay! I knew it opened for a while but just couldn’t have a chance to actually stop by (even I went to Abbot Kinney several times…). I already went to the first location in LA which is located on Robertson Blvd near West Hollywood and loved this place so much. Well my first discover was in New York though. I loved their “real” deep matcha flavor for drinks & super cute decors.

やっと!今トレンドの抹茶専門カフェCha Cha Matchaのアボットキニーのお店に行ってきました。オープンしていたのは知ってたんだけど、なかなか立ち寄れていなくて(アボットキニーには何回か来ていたものの・・・)ようやくっという感じ。ロサンゼルスの1号店は、ウェストハリウッドのロバートソン沿いにあるんだけど、そこはオープン早々行ったことがあって、そしてそのかわいさに感動をしたんだった!実は一番最初にCha Cha Matchaに行ったのは、ニューヨークに行った時で、ニューヨーク発のお店なんだよね。濃い抹茶の風味とかわいすぎるインテリアが本当にお気に入り!

I had regular Matcha latte this time, and got a soft serve for my friend (well she bought a lunch for me so I bought soft serve for her). They mush did special treatment for our soft serve, haha!


I love there are pink & green mosaic tiles all over inside, and also really cute green wall outside of the shop!


It was perfect to sit down by the opened window side & chat with my friend under the sun!


Cha Cha Matcha Venice
1401 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

Xo, Hibaru

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