Getting Back To Workout – First Week Plan

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After going on a couple of trip from end June to early July, boat camping in Northern California, Business trip to New York, and finally 3 days in Paris, it was really hard but exciting to get back my workout routines in Los Angeles.
I’m thinking to learn more exercises that I can do wherever I’m on travels (or just stay at hotel has gym!) then I won’t miss my workout plans. So any tips, good articles to check, video to check, please share with me!

While I was on my trip, I totally couldn’t do much. When I was in New York, I could make it to 1 FlyWheel class right next to the building where I was staying, but that’s it! And even before going on travels, I had to get my eye lash extensions done and my hair done etc…so completely missing 2 weeks workouts!


This was my first week plan to get back to my workout routine.

Monday: Pilates Class at theStudioMDR

Tuesday: *Forth of July Holiday, No workout

Wednesday: Pilates Class at Studio Elevate

Thursday: Personal Training

Friday: Pilates Class at Speir Pilates

Saturday: Pilates Class at Speir Pilates


I think it was very hard but so great to focus on strength training to get back on the track. I still had a little bit of jet lag at that week, and needed to eat healthy home cooking meals, so adding cardio was a little bit challenging. Honestly, this theStudioMDR class was the hardest ever even though I’ve been practicing this class more than a half year!

Also I was so glad I finally made it to the class at Speir Pilates in Santa Monica. This studio is such a bright cute place, and it was very hard to book classes so far, so I’ll review this studio soon!

In my personal training, I did an upper body training. It was on Thursday, and I could already feel pretty much normal and energetic.


Following week, I had plans to do 3 or 4 pilates classes, 1 spinning class, and boxing with my personal trainer to add cardio back in my routines.  I felt already so much better after a full week of workouts, and ready to follow my track!!


Thank you for following my workout journey! Please check my instagram which I often post story for going to my workout 🙂









水曜日:ピラティスクラス(Studio Elevate)


金曜日:ピラティスクラス(Speir Pilates)

土曜日:ピラティスクラス(Speir Pilates)



そうそう、この週はずっと行きたいと思っていたサンタモニカにあるSpeir Pilatesのクラスも取れたので2回も行っちゃった!このスタジオは白基調でおしゃれでとってもいい感じの雰囲気なので、またブログでもレビューするね。








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