Brunch @The Draycott | Palisades Village

Palisades Village is a cozy shopping & dining spot in Pacific Palisades. Recently they renewed and lots of stores opened including brand new location of Alfred Coffee. One day, I went there for getting brunch and checking out stores!

Palisades Village(パリセーズ・ヴィレッジ)っていう、Pacific Palisadesにあるショッピング&レストランスポットが最近リニューアルをしたみたいで、続々新しいお店がオープンしています!アルフレッドコーヒーの新しい店舗もこちらにオープン。ある週末に、ブランチがてら遊びに行ってきたよ!

I had a brunch at The Draycott. This gorgeous restaurant was really nice, rich and elegant vibes. There are the inside seats with bar and outside seats with bar chair (this was actually pretty unique to have higher chair in patio area I think). The decor looks just super cute & gorgeous!

この日は、気になっていたThe Draycottでブランチ。このお店、ちょっとおしゃれをして行きたくなる、エレガントで大人な雰囲気!店内には、バーとソファ席などがあって、外のパティオではバーチェアとハイテーブル(背の高い椅子がパティオ席にあるのって珍しいかも!?)があるの。お店のインテリア・エクステリアがとっても素敵!

I had brioche french toast with fruits (peach this time), and my husband had steak & eggs. Oh totally forgot but we got cinnamon rolls for sharing!


Everything we had was amazing! Cinnamon rolls were served with skillet (so stayed warm), we drizzled icing on our rolls. My french toast was very fluffy and rich taste.


The Draycott is definitely great for girl’s brunch, some celebrations, like special occasion too.


Definitely will be back to check out more stores & restaurant in Palisades Village soon!


Palisades Village
15225 Palisades Village Ln, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

The Draycott

Xo, Hibaru

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