Brand New Remodeled Marble Coffee Shop @Mavro Coffee

Hello guys! I can’t believe it’s already September!? Only 4 months left in 2019 wow.
Today’s post is just quick new coffee shop alert in Los Angeles. I like checking out new coffee shop every time 🙂


This place used to be a hippy coffee shop in Mar Vista. I didn’t know how they’ve changed it to this chic marble cafe recently.

このMar Vistaにあるお店、前はかなりヒッピーな雰囲気のコーヒー屋さんだったんだけど、最近マーブルタイルやゴールドのインテリアでデコレーションされたとってもおしゃれなカフェに変わってたの!

There are table & chairs for 2, and counter seats facing window. I love their marble & gold decors inside a lot.


Old sign from previous place is still there (which I like)!


I’m so excited to have more chic coffee shop I can stop by once in a while in the neighborhood maybe after shopping at Mitsuwa (Japanese grocery store across the street)!

かわいいカフェが増えてくれるのは嬉しいね!日本のスーパーマーケットのミツワが道を挟んで向かい側にあるので、お買い物した後に寄れそう 🙂

Mavro Coffee
12224 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066

Xo, Hibaru

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