Beach Workout Video | Full Body 30 minutes

Hopefully we are getting more sunny beach weather in Los Angeles soon, and go to the beach more! In these months, I’ve been struggling to set my regular workout routines for several reasons. I’ve started teaching Pilates classes regularly it’s still quite a lot of work for me to create routines, play list, and practice every week. Also travels, work situations, etc… But it was really nice to just jog to the beach near by and do quick full body workout the other day!

For video, I don’t have it for Youtube so you can watch them on my instagram story highlight “workout”.
I used a little concrete bench at the beach side, no other equipment needed.

Push-ups x 15 reps
Tricep dips x 15 reps

Lunges x 15 reps each side
Bench jumps x 15 reps

Jump squats x 20 reps
Bridges x 20 reps
Single leg bridges x 10 reps each side

Single leg stretch x 10 reps each side
Double leg stretch x 10 reps
Scissors x 10 reps each side
Lower lift x 10 reps
Bicycle crunch x 10 reps each side

You can do this after 5-10 minutes jogs (to the beach if it’s close to you!) and maybe 2-3 sets!

I felt so good after this. I want to make it to my weekend routine if the weather is getting nicer!!

Xo, Hibaru

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