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Hello! I’m Hibaru – author of Beach Bum Kitty, Japanese girl living in South California.
Beach Bum Kitty is a blog hope to inspire girls (and anyone!) with my “Beach Bum” lifestyles, fitness journey, food & travels, fashion & beauty, and additionally my sweetest kittens!

I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan!

Tokyo is always my sweet home, and always inspires me. Tokyo is such a massive busy city, that probably made me dreaming about life at the beach. I’m still having hustle and workaholic moment in my life in South California. And of course all of great food is I miss the most…!

Moving to America with 2 suits cases & my dream

When I meet somebody new and they recognize where I’m from, they must ask “What did make you to move all the way to different world!?” to me. So I’m really good at saying this in simple way – “I got a job in here.” However there’s a long journey until getting job in United States, and made me committed. I’m really proud of myself to move to United States, and still chasing my dream!

My Lifestyle in South California

First I started to work in United States, I’ve lived in San Francisco. After 5 years, whole my life had changed! I got a new job which I’m currently working, got married with my husband who mostly takes my pictures (thank you…), and moved to South California! I’m still working at the same company I joined in San Francisco after my first job in there, and in charge of digital marketing for fashion & lifestyles, specialized in Japan and Asia region. The beach life in here totally inspires my lifestyle everyday. And my biggest transformation was now I’m obsessed with working out! None of my San Francisco friends could imagine I’m working out 6 days in a week! You’ll be a witness of my fitness journey with following this blog!

Since I’m Japanese, this blog is written in English & Japanese (as much as I could!), but I write in only English or Japanese for some topics.


Japanese / 日本語

こんにちは、Beach Bum Kittyを書いているHibaruです。アメリカ・西海岸サンフランシスコに5年住み、現在はロサンゼルスに住んでいます。サンフランシスコで転職をし、現在もそのファッションデジタルマーケティングの会社でフルタイムで働いています。私の日々のライフスタイルや、ワークアウト、旅行・フード、ファッション&ビューティー、そしてファミリーの一員である二匹のネコについて、ブログにしていきます。記事はできるだけ英語と日本語両方で書きたいと思っていますが、内容によっては英語メイン・日本語メインの記事になる場合があります。

October 2012. アメリカ・サンフランシスコで働き始めるため渡米

October 2015. アメリカ人の夫と結婚

June 2016. ロサンゼルスに引っ越し