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While I’ve been taking Pilates teacher training last year and this year, I’ve discovered my flat back condition. I practiced both mat pilates & reformer pilates, and this flat back condition gives difficulty to execute several exercises.


This is the studio I’m teaching Pilates class!

I was really disappointed myself that I’m not able to execute very basic movements especially in mat pilates like Roll ups, Roll over, etc…
Also cat-cow movements (cat crunch) on reformer, even curling up.


I’ve asked some pilates teachers how I could practice to flex and round my back more from this flat back condition, and these 3 stretches are very good for practicing so far!


Spine Stretch

1. Legs are extended about shoulder width apart, feet are flexed, reach arms forward
2. Lengthen the back of your neck and reach the top of your head to the sky
3. (Exhale)  Lengthen your spine into a large C-shape curve forward, a deep scoop in the abdominals, reaching the crown of your head toward the mat.
—–Normally roll down and execute roll up to repeat but I roll up and extend spine after this, and repeat to C-shape.

1. 両足は肩ぐらいの広さに開けて足は伸ばして座る。つま先はフレックス。両手は肩の高さで前に伸ばす。
2. 首から頭にかけてまっすぐに伸ばして頭のてっぺんを空に向けるように伸ばす。
3. 吐く息と同時に、背骨を引き伸ばしながら”C”の形を作るようにして前傾になる。深く腹筋を引き込んで、頭のてっぺんがマットの先端(つま先)の方に届くようにする。ポイントは、ただ前傾になるだけじゃなくて、腹筋を深く深く引き込むこと!

Peal Off Spine On The Wall

1. Stand against the wall, feet are about hips width apart, touch all spines on the wall
2. Peal off your spines off the wall from shoulders, upper spines, middle spines, lower spines, articulate one vertebrae at the time
3. Roll up, touch each spine back to the wall

1. 壁に背中をくっつけて、足幅はお尻の幅ぐらいに開いて立つ。このときに背骨がぴったり壁にくっついていること。
2. 背骨を壁から一つ一つ引き剥がすように、前屈していく。肩から背中上部・中間・下部とゆっくり引き剥がすように。このときも、腹筋を引き込むのがポイント!

Half Roll Down

1.Bend knees and place feet flat on mat, hip distance apart. Grab back thighs with hands
2.Sit tall with inhale, round slowly back until arms are straight with exhale. Deepen the abdominals in and up
3.Inhale, round back forward, then sit nice and tall. Repeat


I’m also asked how we could practice tighten the deep core at home from my clients at pilates class. You can of course train plank at home with so many variations. But these exercises above would be great if you’d like to something even before the plank or sit-ups!


Thank you for reading!!

Xo, Hibaru

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